29 October 2013

Abstract Poetry…. Is there such a thing?


Paton Blough, 03-14-09


Bistros and flowers, clouds and showers, silver and platinum

Plum Trees and traffic cones, coffee and french fries

Sunday school and dinosaur bones, tractors and trailers

grasses and sailors, wheat and wine, beer and cigarettes

Bibles and books, teachers and crooks, music that soothes

Minds that bruise, sweet tea and ice cream, one car light that beams

Fishing in the sun, living in the dark, living in the light, stars always shine bright

Ford pick-up trucks, custom license plates, shotguns blaze

Flying over the pond, castles that once held love, abandoned children live on

Monsters try to scare, telephone poles crash, paper money is worthless

Gold is worthless too, chocolate taste better than pickles, wooden chairs are hard

Oak splits easy, art is perfect when loved, baby girls love barbies and their mommies

Boys love sticks and rocks, some things mean nothing, some things mean a lot

Steep roofs shed the snow, flat roofs tend to leak,

Holding hands may not mean much to you, sadness makes some people blue

Hamburgers are good, China is far away to those who don’t live there

Sacrifice is usually hard, the top of the ladder is not as great as it seems

Neither is the bottom, apples taste better than pears, green vegetables are good for you

Stress is bad for you. Red or green? No matter this all one big dream.

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Rehinge exists to provide hope, education, and spiritual inspiration for all people affected with mental health issues and to fight stigma while pushing for global mental health reform.

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