29 October 2013

Another Grandma Bea


Paton Blough, 04-27-09

At the New Mexico/Arizona Border

The train slowly past, the desert so vast
It’s quiet out hear, with lots of stars
The hobos have homes but they don’t have cars

I climbed up a hill to watch the sun set
I imagined natives and cowboys hear may have met

I dreamed of Grandma 2000 miles away
Soon she will be gone, with her, I no more can play

I picked her a cactus with a spring flower of red
I carefully placed it in my truck bed

The cactus soon died and I lost my home
For 3 yrs. now I’ve been a hobo all alone

Life is always changing someway somehow
The twists and the turns, sometimes good, sometimes foul

Remember to love whom ever you meet
They are probably fighting a battle, their in the heat.

Whether you die young or whether you die old
Live each second pure so in the end a good story will be told.

Paton thinking of experience driving from tucson to TR, SC.

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