6 November 2013

Greenville Meeting Focuses On Suicide Prevention


News article from: WSPA Channel 7 News

The Upstate affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness hosted its annual dinner with a focus on suicide prevention.

Dr. Frank Page was the guest speaker and he called suicide a major problem that often gets swept under the rug.

“It is a difficult subject but it’s an epidemic in our culture,” Page said.

It has taken time but now he talks about it a lot because his daughter killed herself four years ago.

“It’s only been the past year I can even talk about it without crying profusely.”

Page served as a pastor in Taylors for years before working on a book about his daughter.

At the end of each chapter he writes a letter to people considering hurting themselves in hopes to talk them out of it.

“We need to start talking and being honest and letting people be honest about their feelings.”

Greenville resident Paton Blough is open about his struggles with bipolar disorder.

He talked about how he was able to get control of the illness and the amount of support necessary to reach that level.

“Arming ourselves with facts, being more aware is part of maybe the first aid of mental illness,” Blough said.

Read article and see video on WSPA Channel 7 News

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