H.5025 Judiciary Committee Example Letter

Below is an example letter for you to use to help you contact your representative on the SC House Judiciary Committee. The Representatives that make up the committee are listed below along with their email addresses.

To the honorable Representative REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME,

My name is YOUR NAME from YOUR LOCATION, SC, and I am writing you in regards to the SC Bill H.5025 that was introduced by Representative Dan Hamilton, and will be presented to the SC House Judiciary Committee. I am urging you to please support this bill as it passes through the committee. H.5025 would establish a state wide assistance council for police training and community team building in regards to mental health and contains a mandate for every county to have such training—primarily Crisis Intervention Team training (CIT). CIT has been proven to save lives of people with mental illness and help them recover, it reduces potential violent conflicts between police officers and mentally ill individuals, it helps reduce recidivism rates, and it helps save the state money along with tax payer dollars. CIT training has already been a successful program in the SC Upstate, and H.5025 will help it become a state-wide program.

Please do support H.5025 as it passes through the Judiciary Committee. It not only helps to benefit the lives of those with mental illness in our community, but also our dedicated law enforcement, as well as save money for our beautiful state.


Greg Delleney, Jr — GregDelleney@schouse.gov
Chris Murphy — ChrisMurphy@schouse.gov
Beth E. Bernstein — BethBernstein@schouse.gov
Kirkman Finlay, III — KirkmanFinlay@schouse.gov
Stephen Goldfinch, Jr — StephenGoldfinch@schouse.gov
Ralph Shealy Kennedy, Jr — RalphKennedy@schouse.gov
Joseph A. McEachern — JoeMcEachern@schouse.gov
Dennis C. Moss — DennisMoss@schouse.gov
Wm. Weston J. Newton — WestonNewton@schouse.gov
Rick Quinn — RickQuinn@schouse.gov
Eddie Tallon, Sr — EddieTallon@schouse.gov
J. David Weeks — DavidWeeks@schouse.gov
Donna C. Hicks — DonnaHicks@schouse.gov
James E. Smith, Jr — james@jamessmith.com
Bruce W. Bannister — BruceBannister@schouse.gov
Doug Brannon — DougBrannon@schouse.gov
Laurie Slade Funderburk — LaurieFunderburk@schouse.gov
Jenny Anderson Horne — JennyHorne@schouse.gov
Peter M. McCoy, Jr — PeterMcCoy@schouse.gov
Walton J. McLeod — WaltMcleod@schouse.gov
Wendy K. Nanney — WendyNanney@schouse.gov
Mandy Powers Norrell — MandyNorrell@schouse.gov
J. Todd Rutherford — ToddRutherford@schouse.gov
Anne J. Thayer — AnneThayer@schouse.gov
J. Seth Whipper — SethWhipper@schouse.gov