7 March 2016

Help Support H.5025—The Sister Bill to The Crisis Intervention Team Training Act!

March 7, 2016

SC House bill, H.5025, is a sister bill to the SC Senate bill S.1078, the Crisis Intervention Team Training Act, which was introduced to the SC House by Representative Dan Hamilton. Bill H.5025 includes many of the same ideas as S.1078, such as requiring SC law enforcement to take Crisis Intervention Team training. This bill will establish a state wide assistance council for police training and community team building in regards to mental health and contains a mandate for every county to have such training. This is a bipartisan bill, like S.1078, that will help reform the treatment of mentally ill individuals in South Carolina.

A law enforcement officer […] in this State is required to complete Continuing Law Enforcement Education Credits (CLEEC) in mental health or addictive disorders each year of a three-year recertification period. The number of required annual CLEEC hours in mental health or addictive disorders shall be determined by the council, but must be included in the forty CLEEC hours required over the three-year recertification period. The training must be provided or approved by the academy and the Technical Assistance Training Council and must include, but is not limited to, the following curriculum: responding to crime scenes, responding to crisis situations in which an individual is experiencing a mental health or addictive disorder crisis, Fourth Amendment issues, incident-report writing, determining primary aggressors, dual arrests, victim and offender dynamics, victims’ resources, victims’ rights issues, interviewing techniques, mental health courts and mental health court programs, offender treatment programs, and recognizing special needs populations.

By attempting to push through a similar bill through the SC House, we give a better chance for one these bills, or a variation of both, passing both the SC House and Senate, and becoming law. Right now, H.5025 will be sent to the House Judiciary Committee for review before it will presented to the SC House. So, we need your help to contact the members of the SC House Judiciary Committee to urge them to pass H.5025 so that it can go on officially to the SC House.

Learn more about how you can contact the Judiciary Committee and let them know that they should support H.5025.

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