29 October 2013

Hill Top Road


Paton Blough, 01-26-12

The big red barn, the small ranch house,
The tall hay fields, the little mouse,
We would tap in the spring the maple trees,
The bright orange colors the brisk fall breeze,
The crab apple tree, the wild flowers everywhere,
Its Hill Top Road,  Oh, I long to be there!
The Kedkers, the Daigles, the smiths and the Bloughs,
the rabbits and ducks and several big cows,
The year I think was nineteen eighty two,
There is green green grass with very cool dew,
A jersey to milk, and a horse named Cheeko,
The Conneticut river is where we all like to go,
Rasberries and black berries and crazy horse camp ground,
The boat launch, the diving rock, and the dinner bell sound,
A bobcat, a deer, a moose or a bear,
A grouse and a partridge, a fox in his lair,
The pond filled with polywogs,
Trying hard to catch quick frogs,
Gardner snakes and a big wooly spider,
smashing apples that make great cider,
The garden had carrots, peas, and sweet corn,
The husking, the weeding, the bulls crooked horn,
The frozen winter nights, the long hot summer days,
the sprinkler cooled us off the wood stove would blaze,
Sleding down the driveway in a runner sled,
all the boys slept in the basement in a bunk bed,
The Mino Cottage held all our guests
Grandma Bingham stayed there, it passed the test,
Misty and Ten Ten, then Webster came along,
Walking through the woods while singing a song,
I visited Hill Top Road a few years ago,
It was snowing and the barn was falling down,
my heart felt both happy and blue,
But at for the house it was still painted brown!

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