25 June 2013

Jail Doesn’t Belong at Entrance to the City


Published: Detroit Free Press, Jun. 25, 2013

I agree and am excited with the progress recent articles have highlighted about the work done on all the entrances into the heart of Greenville. I think this type of spending and vision is necessary for Greenville to continue to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to dynamic downtown revitalization.

The only huge problem I have is with the location and the continued nature of our county jail. Simply planting a couple trees to hide this physical and emotional eyesore does not cut it in my book. We continue to have a disproportionate amount of the African American population in the jail, along with mentally Ill inmates, most of who have little to no means to pay even a small bond. Then there is the “debtors prison” aspect of the jail with hundreds of inmates who have fallen behind on their child support.

I’m sorry but I am not happy with a lot of what goes on in our county correction system and I do not think when you arrive to Greenville off Interstate 385 we should be saying “welcome to our beautiful city, here is our jail!” Instead we should move it and reform it!

Paton Blough

About Paton Blough

A native of Alaska, Paton Blough is a mental health advocate and speaker based in Greenville, S.C. Affected with Bipolar I Disorder, Paton is living proof that with support and appropriate treatment, those suffering from mental illness can overcome their issues and lead healthy, happy lives.

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