19 March 2014

Mental Health Reform: It’s About Us, It’s About Time!

March 19th, 2014

Listen to the Podcast on the Another Voice Website

Paton Blough of Rehinge was featured on Another Voice with Jason and Eric, an online radio podcast focused in the Greenville area of South Carolina. The whole show for this podcast is related to mental health in the state and how things can be reformed.

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Today we focused on mental health reform in South Carolina.  We looked at what the Legislature is doing and what they should be doing to aid those struggling with mental illness.  But true mental health reform can only occur when we, as society, change our view of those with mental illness, which is what we discussed in the second half of the show.

We were joined today by Paton Blough of Rehinge.com, who added his personal experiences and passionate advocacy to our discussion, providing much needed perspective.

For more information and help, check out: NAMI and MHA

If you are in crisis right now, PLEASE call: 1-800-273-TALK.  It is not too late, there is help!

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