25 November 2011

Lives Restored: Profiles of Mental Illness


Link To Original Article: The New York Times, Interactive Feature

A series profiling people who are functioning normally despite severe mental illness and have chosen to speak out about their struggles.

Finding Purpose After Living With Delusion

By BENEDICT CAREY, November 25, 2011

In the delusional world that he inhabited for years as a younger man, Milt Greek was grandiose, messianic. He was sure that he was in contact with God and Jesus, and that he had a mission: to save the world from itself. After receiving treatment for his schizophrenia, Mr. Greek saw those thoughts as a product of psychosis – but as relevant as ever, in maintaining his recovery. He takes medication and occasionally visits a therapist, but to stay well he needs to be working to better the world, or at least his own community.

Read The Original Article: The New York Times, Interactive Feature

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