1 June 2015

Paton at the SVN Annual Conference


June 1st, 2015

Last week, Paton spoke at the Supervised Visitation Network Conference. Paton was featured as a plenary speaker as well as leading a workshop that addressed how trauma, mental health, and substance abuse impact our work in supervised visitation. His workshop focused on how to best serve the unique needs of these families and offer innovative approaches to enhancing our services for all participants.

Paton also discussed his work with Rehinge, while also sharing his own story and experience with bipolar type I. Paton’s speech will focused on the stigma and issues that surround mental health, and his own custody battle and experiences with supervised visitation, while also discussing treatments and options that aid in living a healthy and happy life with mental illness.

Many thanks to the Supervised Visitation Network for inviting Paton to speak during their conference! If you’d be interested in having Paton speaking for your conference or event, please visit this page.


Below is his presentation that he will be using during his speech at the conference. View and download it below:

Download SVN Annual Conference Presentation

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