4 October 2013

Paton on the Russ Cassell Show: Recovery Is Possible

October 4th, 2013

Full Broadcast: Russ Cassell, W.O.R.D., News Radio

Paton calls into the show to challenge Russ on why mental health is important. Russ Cassell goes on to claim that being mentally ill has no impact on whether someone commits murder or not. Paton explains that those who deal with mental illness often feel threatened, and need help over being neglected. Paton goes on to explain that mental illness is a medical issue and needs to be treated as such. Russ responds that evil is evil, regardless of mental illness. Paton agrees that mental illness cannot be a crutch for criminals, but that those with mental illness that are convicted of crimes need to be treated by the law in a different manner, which is why the mental health court exists. Paton says that he believes that recovery is possible for everyone with mental illness.

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