28 April 2013

Paton Stepping Up in Washington DC

Paton speaking in front of the SC capital court house in 2014

Paton speaking in front of the SC capital court house in 2014

Paton speaking in front of the SC capital court house in 2014

April 28th, 2015

On May 5th in Washington DC, Paton Blough will be speaking for the Stepping Up initiative, where he will talk about his personal experiences with type 1 bipolar, his recovery and advocacy efforts.

What is Stepping Up?

Stepping Up is a national initiative designed to push counties nationwide to work on access to mental health treatment and alternatives to jail for people with mental illnesses. NAMI is working with a powerful coalition of national organizations, including the Council of State Governments Justice Center, the National Association of Counties, the American Psychiatric Foundation and numerous law enforcement, mental health and substance abuse organizations. The initiative will challenge county, state and local leaders to work together to find solutions that work for the local community. Counties will be asked to follow a step-by-step process to build partnerships, assess current practices and develop a plan to implement research-based programs and services. It will also support local leaders by providing resources and examples of effective reforms and connecting them with other communities that are successfully reducing the number of people with mental illness in jails.

To kick off the initiative there will be four launch events around the country, starting on May 5. The events will be livestreamed here.​ If you can, please join us in person or plan to watch the livestream. Click the links below for more details and to register:

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