29 October 2013



Paton Blough, 06-01-07

Yesterday I called my doctor
He said just take this pill and you’ll be fine
I laughed inside and thought to myself
He has no clue whats on my mind

I think of things that most do not
the Whitehouse the greenhouse, race cars
red salmon, glaciers, coffee and cigars
am I postal or insane or did God
Just give me a most unusual brain

The truth is that I don’t belong here anymore
Come with me my friend and lets end the bore
We will enjoy the trip to the other side
Your belief will free you like a falcon in glide

We don’t need any drugs for this maiden run
Just hold hands and lets rise like the sun
Do you trust me am I insane? Just let go
And you will lose all the pain

About Rehinge

Rehinge exists to provide hope, education, and spiritual inspiration for all people affected with mental health issues and to fight stigma while pushing for global mental health reform.

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