What People Are Saying

“It has been one of my greatest rewards as NAMI Greenville, SC Program Director to see your recovery from when we first met to your award as NAMI South Carolina’s Recovery Person of the Year to your appearance on the same stage with author Pete Early. I hope your book is every bit as successful as his has been.”

— Fletcher Mann
Program Director, NAMI Greenville, SC

“Paton Blough has been one of the most effective speakers and role players I have come across in my 10 years as the South Carolina Director of Crisis Intervention Training.  His involvement in this program has been very valuable and the officers always love him.”

— Fred Riddle
South Carolina Director of CIT Training

“I have known Paton Blough since he was 14 when I  hired him in our fishing business in Alaska. He is a diligent worker and friend. I admire how Paton has taken responsibility for his mental health issues, sought help, is working within a system of accountability, and is now trying to help others.”

— Loren Leman
Former Lt. Governor of Alaska

“Paton is a pure example of success.”

— Joe Dill
Greenville County Council Member

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