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The Cost of Not Caring: Nowhere to Go

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May 13, 2014

An amazingly detailed and tragically beautiful article from USA today about the state of mental health in the United States. chaussures newbalance pas cher It’s a bit of a read, but well worth it to take the time to learn more about the sad state of US mental health care and its cost.

Read the Full Article on the USA Today Website

More than half a million Americans with serious mental illness are falling through the cracks of a system in tatters, a USA TODAY special report shows. The mentally ill who have nowhere to go and find little sympathy from those around them often land hard in emergency rooms, county jails and city streets. acheter newbalance The lucky ones find homes with family. The unlucky ones show up in the morgue. newbalance 2018 “We have replaced the hospital bed with the jail cell, the homeless shelter and the coffin,” says Rep. newbalance pas cher Tim Murphy, R-Pa., a child psychologist leading an effort to remodel the mental health system. “How is that compassionate?” States looking to save money have pared away both the community mental health services designed to keep people healthy, as well as the hospital care needed to help them heal after a crisis. newbalance pas cher tates have been reducing hospital beds for decades, because of insurance pressures as well as a desire to provide more care outside institutions. Tight budgets during the recession forced some of the most devastating cuts in recent memory, says Robert Glover, executive director of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors. States cut $5 billion in mental health services from 2009 to 2012. soldes newbalance In the same period, the country eliminated at least 4,500 public psychiatric hospital beds — nearly 10% of the total supply, he says. new balance 2018 The result is that, all too often, people with mental illness get no care at all. Nearly 40% of adults with “severe” mental illness — such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder — received no treatment in the previous year, according to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Haley Needs to Address Treatment of Inmates

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Posted in the Letter to the Editor section of the Greenville News on February 09, 2014

I am somewhat appalled at the lack of response from Gov. Chaussures Homme New Balance Nikki Haley after Judge Michael Baxley highlighted the way our Department of Corrections has been abusing the severely mentally ill in our prisons. Gov. chaussures newbalance pas cher Haley had the opportunity during her State of the State Address to mention these issues along with a plan to remedy this situation but instead decided to remain silent. newbalance 2018 She has also yet to respond to a letter signed by over 300 of her constituents and over a dozen elected officials asking her to drop the appeal that was immediately mentioned after the ruling came down. Judge Baxley highlighted in his 45-page ruling how some inmates with severe psychotic disorders have been in solitary confinement for years, and in tat least one case where a man died with rotting food trays surrounding him. chaussures newbalance pas cher Judge Baxley has given the state six months to come up with a plan to make the necessary changes. soldes newbalance chaussures It’s time we all wake up to the fact that we need to invest in our mental health system in this state to avoid the higher fiscal and human cost down the road. new balance femme pas cher The real solution is to come up with a plan that would stop the vicious, expensive cycle of why the mentally ill end up in prisons in the first place. acheter newbalance If we could stop 3,000 severely mentally ill from being incarcerated we would save over $52 million annually in the Corrections costs alone.

Overcrowded, Underfunded Jail Tip of Issue

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Sheriff Rick Clark gives The Progress exclusive look inside facility

March 6, 2014

Shocking information about the overcrowded conditions of the Pickens County Detention Center in South Carolina has come to light. Chaussures New Balance Mentally ill inmates are being detained grossly past their completed sentences because hospital beds for the mentally ill are simply not available. chaussures newbalance pas cher South Carolina desperately needs more hospital beds available for mentally ill individuals.

Read the Full Article on The Easley Progress News Site

The housing of detainees for the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department is difficult enough, but when a lack of funding in the mental health system of the state makes matters worse, there are few options available. newbalance pas cher In a 1970’s facility rated for 93 beds, equating to 93 inmates, the Pickens County Detention Center is faced with an overcrowding issue that goes beyond just housing inmates and extends to housing those awaiting beds at state mental facilities. new balance pas cher As of March 4, there were 210 inmates being held by the Sheriff’s Department locally, more than double the capacity. soldes newbalance For some, the wait is indefinite. newbalance 2018 pas cher “One of our inmates has waited for 568 days for a bed, and although he is finally in Columbia, that’s a year and a half when you do the math,” Jail Administrator Captain Keith Galloway explained. “We have another that’s waited 544 days.

SC Senator Stands Up to Corrections Director Over Mentally Ill Inmates

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New SC senator won’t be muzzled – defies committee chairman to ask about mentally ill prisoners

February 6, 2014

South Carolina Senator Marlon Kimpson of Charleston confronted SC Corrections Director Brian Stirling over the recent ruling of Judge Michael Baxley. New Balance Baskets Femme The ruling found that many mentally ill inmates in SC’s prisons were grossly abused by the corrections system. newbalance 2018 During the recent Senate Corrections and Penology Committee hearing, SC senators were told to not ask Director Stirling any questions about Judge Baxley’s ruling. acheter newbalance Senator Kimpson refused to keep quiet though, and boldly questioned Director Stirling about the ruling. chaussures newbalance pas cher

“With all due to respect to the chair’s opening comments, I can’t sit here in good conscience and not ask you about the disturbing 40-odd page order by Judge Baxley,” Kimpson told Stirling. Kimpson’s tone was polite but firm.

To read the full article and the questions Senator Kimpson asked, please visit The State News’ Website.

There is still hope for South Carolina to improve their treatment of the mentally ill in their prisons. acheter newbalance If you would like to help fight for the mentally ill in our state, please sign our petition to stop SC’s appeal of Judge Baxley’s ruling. Also take the time to read Rehinge’s SC Prison Mental Health Reform Proposal, and present it to your local legislators.

Rehinge Proposes Mental Health Reform Bill for SC Prisons

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Paton Blough of Rehinge has constructed a proposal for the state of SC in response to Judge Baxley’s ruling for mental health reform in the state’s corrections system and prisons. The proposal has been presented to a number of law enforcement leaders, mental health workers, and legislators, and has received positive feedback. new balance sitemap The SC Responsible Mental Health Emergency Reform Act of 2014 Proposal presents 5 main points that need to change in the state of South Carolina.

  1. Make all community mental health centers 24 hours and staff hospitals that are half-empty, like Patrick B. solde newbalance map Harris.
  2. Require a minimum of 8 hours of Crisis Intervention Team training for all prison and police officers per year.
  3. Expand mental health court beyond the 4 counties in the State. soldes newbalance chaussures Require all 46 counties to have this program over time.
  4. Create a grant to for mental health groups to establish a mentor program for mentally ill individuals when they leave prison, and possibly working with parole.
  5. Apply whatever standards of care the prisons have to the county jails.

You can read the rest of the proposal here. newbalance chaussures It is the hope of Paton and Rehinge that most, if not all, of these proposed changes will be headed by the South Carolina legislature. new balance 2018 Comprehensive mental health reform needs to be made in the state’s prison system, and now is the time for solid, lasting change to take place.

Kennedy’s vision for mental health never realized

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November 25, 2013

I think it is clear that we would not have as big of a mental health mess today if President Kennedy had not been killed 50 years ago. new balance femme pas cher Now my question is could someone get elected today on a bipartisan platform to reform mental health as their main plank?

Read the entire article on the USA Today Website.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The last piece of legislation President John F. new balance pas cher Kennedy signed turns 50 this month: the Community Mental Health Act, which helped transform the way people with mental illness are treated and cared for in the United States. Chaussures New Balance Signed on Oct. new balance 2018 pas cher 31, 1963, weeks before Kennedy was assassinated, the legislation aimed to build mental health centers accessible to all Americans so that those with mental illnesses could be treated while working and living at home, rather than being kept in neglectful and often abusive state institutions, sometimes for years on end. soldes newbalance chaussures Kennedy said when he signed the bill that the legislation to build 1,500 centers would mean the population of those living in state mental hospitals — at that time more than 500,000 people — could be cut in half.

Letter to Governor Nikki Haley

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Dear Governor Haley, Thank you for being who I consider the best Governor I have ever had in my 37 years of life. newbalance 2018 pas cher I am writing you as a concerned constituent who would love to see your progress in the area of mental health reform taken to an even higher level. If you remember I briefly talked with you at the Charlotte airport in June and voiced some of my concerns to you in person. I am a man who has battled bipolar type 1 disorder since 2002 and at one point spent a third of my life in jail or in a mental hospital. new balance sitemap During that three year period I lost my entire business, (which had grossed over 1 million dollars) my marriage completely crumbled, my house foreclosed on and at one point was living in my car. NEW BALANCE en France Since 2008 I was able to receive help from a variety of area’s including Greenville Mental Health, NAMI, my now second wife, and perhaps most importantly my church and God. newbalance 2018 Family Photo 2012I have been psychosis episode free for 4 years and have turned my story into help and inspiration for others. God has blessed me with a strong wife who owns ad agency in downtown Greenville and a new child to go along with my 5 other children. I have worked with Fred Riddle from NAMI training over 200 officers and dispatchers in the upstate through the Crisis Intervention Class we offer. I have also worked directly with the Greenville Police Dept. in their hostage negotiation/swat training. I also talk to NAMI family education classes and meet with people on an individual basis. In 2011 I received the “Recovery Member of the Year” award from the State of SC NAMI board.Paton 2011 Best Recovery Award I tell you all this to offer my help to you or your staff when it comes to any measures you may consider when it comes to state wide mental health reform. I think I have invaluable information to offer when it comes to being honest with what psychosis really is. I also have no fear of speaking publicly to anybody including the SC legislature. The problems are huge and they effect every person living in our state in one way or another. I am in the process of trying to launch a career in this area and am willing to seize any opportunity I get to make a difference. New Balance Baskets It is my belief that anyone who arms themselves with facts will realize that being very proactive in this area will reduce stigma, improve the quality of lives in our communities while saving money! I would also like to extend to you a personal invitation to our annual event at the Embassy Suites in Greenville. newbalance 2018 Frank Page from Taylor’s First Baptist Church will be our guest speaker. new balance pas cher Thank you so much for reading this and I wish you the best on your re-election campaign.

Letter to the Editor: Reform Prisons

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South Carolina Gov. acheter newbalance Nikki Haley has selected her chief of staff to be the next director of the state’s prison system. Source: WLTX

Published: The Post and Courier, Sept. 14, 2013

I was glad to see that reducing recidivism rates was a reason for Gov. new balance 2018 pas cher Nikki Haley’s recent appointment of Bryan Stirling as the new S.C. soldes newbalance prisons chief. The disappointment came when I read no mention of the mentally ill who are living behind bars. Any spending targeted at helping inmates read just to civilian life without addressing this issue is, in my estimation, mostly a waste. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found in a 2006 study that over half the prison population in our country has a mental illness — 1.25 million is a staggering number. new balance 2018 Further research suggests that the mentally ill population is two to four times overrepresented in our correction system in the United States. All residents of South Carolina need to wake up to the fact that ignoring these problems will only bring more pain and expense. Mr. Stirling and Gov. vente de newbalance Haley should provide the bold leadership to do what is necessary to reform our corrections system and make South Carolina an exemplar for the rest of the nation.

Cash Trashed

Letter to the Editor: Restore Funding

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Published: Herald Independent, Oct. 28, 2011

As we consider the financial crises taking place in our state, there is a sector of our population that has perhaps taken the worst hit of all—the mentally ill and their families. newbalance 2018 It is a statistical fact that during economic downturns, those with mental illness suffer worse financial stress. The State of S.C. Chaussures NEW BALANCE has severely slashed the budget for the mentally ill – over 40 percent in the last three years, from $220 million to $130 million. Yet, the net result is that there are no actual savings for the tax payer! Consider that outpatient treatment comes to an annual expense of only $2,400 per individual. Unfortunately, when this treatment is not available to the mentally ill, it results in these individuals going to hospitals or prisons, which are a far worse and much more expensive environments to receive care. New Balance Baskets The Department of Corrections spends over $17,000 each year per inmate, and this is not taking into account police costs, court costs, public defenders, etc. soldes newbalance An estimated 55 percent of the prisoner population suffers from the medical issue of mental illness. solde newbalance map This leads to severe behavioral problems and, in some cases, suicide.


About Rehinge

Rehinge exists to provide hope, education, and spiritual inspiration for all people affected with mental health issues and to fight stigma while pushing for global mental health reform.

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  • “It has been one of my greatest rewards as NAMI Greenville, SC Program Director to see your recovery from when we first met to your award as NAMI South Carolina’s Recovery Person of the Year to your appearance on the same stage with author Pete Early. I hope your book is every bit as successful as his has been.”

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  • “It has been one of my greatest rewards as NAMI Greenville, SC Program Director to see your recovery from when we first met to your award as NAMI South Carolina’s Recovery Person of the Year to your appearance on the same stage with author Pete Early. I hope your book is every bit as successful as his has been.”

    Brian Lewis
    • Fletcher Mann
    • Program Director NAMI Greenville, SC
  • “It’s incredible. If you aren’t sure, always go for Cast. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of Cast. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours!”

    Patrick Bates
    • Patrick Bates
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