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Greenville Deputy Prevents Man Jumping Off Bridge

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Oct 01, 2014

This past Thursday a man in Greenville County was attempting to take his own life by jumping off of a bridge when Greenville Deputy Gene Clark successfully pulled the man back from the ledge. newbalance 2018

When investigators weren’t getting far talking him down, Deputy Gene Clark said he saw an opportunity to step in before it was too late. Chaussures NEW BALANCE Working traffic patrol, Clark responded to a call to help block the highway around 6:30 p.m. He said an off-duty investigator tried negotiating with the man, and when Clark drove past the man sitting on the wall, he realized the man wasn’t paying attention to him. That’s when he decided to try to grab the man by his shirt. “When he saw me, he started to lurch forward, and I started to pull back as hard as I could, and we both fell to the interstate,” said Clark. In 13 years with the sheriff’s office, Clark said he’s never done anything like this. “You don’t realize it at the time that you’re doing something, but once you realize, ‘OK, everything’s safe now,’ then you start to come down and realize, ‘Wow, that was scary,'” explained Clark. He, along with many other police and deputies, are trained by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, or NAMI, on how to work with the mentally ill.

Paton Blough was also interviewed about this situation–praising how well it was handled.

Now Blough trains Greenville city and county officers on how to best to interact with people who need mental health. Blough watched the deputy’s video and thinks that law enforcement handled the situation very well. He said he was impressed that the officers didn’t stand too closely as they tried to speak with the man.

You can read more on this story on Fox Carolina’s Website Paton has also been able to witness improved treatment of mentally ill individuals and their families by the Greenville police in a recent settlement case. Greenville County has recently paid a settlement to the family of the deceased Andrew Torres who lived with schizophrenia. new balance pas cher 2018 Torres was tragically killed during a violent encounter with police officials in 2010. new balance 2018 Since then, Paton and NAMI Greenville have been working to implement CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training into the Greenville police force to help prevent such tragedies happening in the future.

“It hit home to me personally very closely,” Blough said. Blough has bipolar disorder and he has experienced being tazed and pepper sprayed. soldes newbalance He said watching what happened to Andrew Torres was a catalyst for him getting involved as an advocate. After getting treatment, he thought it was important for police to understand mental illness and how best to handle it. He took part in meetings put on with police and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. “It was a big turning point in my life because i had officers clapping for me versus arresting me,” Blough said. In the years since Torres’ death, the Greenville Police has put an emphasis on crisis intervention training. 118 officers have now been trained in a 40 hour course, which makes it one of the most trained departments in the state. The training teaches officers how to understand what goes through the minds of the mentally ill and how to de-escalate crisis situations.

Police Being Sued for Shooting Three Emotionally Disturbed People

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After reading this article I was shocked that one of the most progressive cities in America would not have fully implemented Crisis Intervention Teams by now. I want to be careful not to appear like a police basher on my blog, but I want the reader to know why I am so passionate about CIT. soldes new balance chaussures I sincerely admire officers that swear to protect perfect strangers with their lives, but with out proper training instituted by upper levels of law enforcement they can unwittingly become perpetrators of crime. Chaussures Homme New Balance CIT training purely and simply saves lives! When organizations like NAMI give CIT training to those officers who are on the front lines about how to de-escalate a mental health crisis, that training saves lives and a lot of money at the same time. Occasionally, I do like to point a finger at the root of a problem. Keep in mind our current government has failed our country’s mentally ill over the last 50 years. new balance femme pas cher We have reduced the number of psychiatric hospital beds available from 550,000 to 45,000, while growing a mentally ill inmate population of over 1.2 million individuals. Police have to arrest and charge these people and then deal with it all over again when they are released. Only a handful of correction facilities offer meaningful counseling or therapy for prisoners while they are locked up. acheter newbalance We treat people with a medical condition worse than our pets and expect them to get better? This could truly be the definition of insanity. Our illustrious elected officials thought that de-institutionalizing the mentally ill would save money while improving lives. acheter newbalance en ligne Ha! Sorry, Mr. Esteemed Elected Official, if you don’t fund mental health treatments, you end up with an epidemic like we see today that has costs in the billions. Lives have been lost, money has been lost, and we have a police force on the front lines without proper training dealing with this travesty on a daily basis. New Balance Baskets Femme CIT training is definitely needed across our nation like never before, but as we push for more training lets not forget the root of the problem and push for meaningful mental health reform!

Excerpt From Article:

The last words Elsa Cruz heard her husband say, in response to the police officers banging on his locked front door, were: “Don’t knock on my door, it’s against my will.”

She’ll never forget what came next.

“I heard, bluh, bluh, bluh – the sound of the tool as they broke the door down. new balance 2018 pas cher There was silence, then a loud bang.”

The shot hit her husband, Samuel, a Puerto Rican artist living in New Rochelle, New York, in the chest, and left him dying a pool of blood in their homes.

The encounter that led to the shooting, which happened in May of this year, began when Cruz, 55, called 911 to try to get medical help for her husband, who had become agitated. When police arrived, she told them that he had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but did not have a weapon. She begged them to allow her to talk to him, but they refused and told her to stay away.

Kennedy’s vision for mental health never realized

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November 25, 2013

I think it is clear that we would not have as big of a mental health mess today if President Kennedy had not been killed 50 years ago. new balance femme pas cher Now my question is could someone get elected today on a bipartisan platform to reform mental health as their main plank?

Read the entire article on the USA Today Website.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The last piece of legislation President John F. new balance pas cher Kennedy signed turns 50 this month: the Community Mental Health Act, which helped transform the way people with mental illness are treated and cared for in the United States. Chaussures New Balance Signed on Oct. new balance 2018 pas cher 31, 1963, weeks before Kennedy was assassinated, the legislation aimed to build mental health centers accessible to all Americans so that those with mental illnesses could be treated while working and living at home, rather than being kept in neglectful and often abusive state institutions, sometimes for years on end. soldes newbalance chaussures Kennedy said when he signed the bill that the legislation to build 1,500 centers would mean the population of those living in state mental hospitals — at that time more than 500,000 people — could be cut in half.

10 Tips to Deal with Stress and Depression During the Holidays

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Here are 10 tips to help you through the holidays. You can read the full article here on the Mayo Clinic Website.

When stress is at its peak, it’s hard to stop and regroup. Try to prevent stress and depression in the first place, especially if the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. If someone close to you has recently died or you can’t be with loved ones, realize that it’s normal to feel sadness and grief. It’s OK to take time to cry or express your feelings. You can’t force yourself to be happy just because it’s the holiday season.

  2. Reach out. If you feel lonely or isolated, seek out community, religious or other social events. They can offer support and companionship. Volunteering your time to help others also is a good way to lift your spirits and broaden your friendships.

  3. Be realistic. The holidays don’t have to be perfect or just like last year. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well. new balance pas cher 2018 Choose a few to hold on to, and be open to creating new ones. For example, if your adult children can’t come to your house, find new ways to celebrate together, such as sharing pictures, emails or videos.

  4. Set aside differences. Try to accept family members and friends as they are, even if they don’t live up to all of your expectations. Set aside grievances until a more appropriate time for discussion. newbalance 2018 pas cher And be understanding if others get upset or distressed when something goes awry. New Balance Baskets Femme Chances are they’re feeling the effects of holiday stress and depression, too.

  5. Stick to a budget. Before you go gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Then stick to your budget. Don’t try to buy happiness with an avalanche of gifts. Try these alternatives: Donate to a charity in someone’s name, give homemade gifts or start a family gift exchange.

  6. Plan ahead. Set aside specific days for shopping, baking, visiting friends and other activities. new balance 2018 pas cher Plan your menus and then make your shopping list. acheter newbalance That’ll help prevent last-minute scrambling to buy forgotten ingredients. And make sure to line up help for party prep and cleanup.

  7. Learn to say no. Saying yes when you should say no can leave you feeling resentful and overwhelmed. Friends and colleagues will understand if you can’t participate in every project or activity. If it’s not possible to say no when your boss asks you to work overtime, try to remove something else from your agenda to make up for the lost time.

  8. Don’t abandon healthy habits. Don’t let the holidays become a free-for-all. Overindulgence only adds to your stress and guilt. Have a healthy snack before holiday parties so that you don’t go overboard on sweets, cheese or drinks. Continue to get plenty of sleep and physical activity.

  9. Take a breather. Make some time for yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh you enough to handle everything you need to do. Take a walk at night and stargaze. Listen to soothing music. Find something that reduces stress by clearing your mind, slowing your breathing and restoring inner calm.

  10. Seek professional help if you need it. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself feeling persistently sad or anxious, plagued by physical complaints, unable to sleep, irritable and hopeless, and unable to face routine chores.

Paton, Marie, Nobel 2011 NAMI SC award

Upstate man’s bipolar battle leads to new website, book

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From WYFF4, on Oct. 17th, 2013

Blough with his wife and their son after he was awarded NAMI’s Best Recovery Member of 2011

GREENVILLE, S.C. —A Greenville man who dealt with mental illness for years, and hit lows that included hospitalizations and incarcerations, is now helping the police and is seeking to be an advocate for others with mental health issues. New Balance Baskets Femme Many in the Upstate know Paton Blough, who attended Bob Jones University, from Bullmoose Tree Company, the successful tree service he built starting in the late 1990s. newbalance chaussures This week, Blough announced that he has left his work as an arborist to work as a mental health advocate. He launched a website,, that he says he hopes will help others with mental health issues find inspiration, education, hope and help without fear of stigma. new balance Homme pas cher Blough says he did not discover that he has type I bipolar disorder until he was 26. He says he experienced severe levels of psychosis that led to suicidal lows, reckless mania and extreme paranoia resulting in altercations with police, arrests and imprisonment. chaussures newbalance pas cher His marriage also ended and his business folded. newbalance pas cher Bough says that in 2009, he met and married his current wife, Marie, and with her help got involved with groups such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness and began his recovery. acheter newbalance en ligne “I believe my story provides a balanced model of recovery that looks at all vital mental health issues, including self-awareness, psychiatry and pharmaceuticals, counseling and therapy, diet and routine, honesty with loved ones and accountability and most importantly God,” Blough says, He says despite having had multiple encounters with law enforcement, he now trains some of those same officers on how to de-escalate encounters with those suffering from mental illness. new balance femme pas cher Since 2009, he has helped more than 200 Greenville County officers with Crisis Intervention Training. Blough also plans to release a book about his experiences with bipolar disorder.

Creigh Deeds Tragedy

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Read the TIME’s Article Here

It is very unfortunate that I have no shortage of daily news items to blog about. Today’s story about Senator Creigh Deeds and what happened to his son is tragic beyond belief. My hope and prayer is that Mr. Deeds has a speedy recovery and uses his political status to highlight the need for mental health reform in the future. new balance 2018 For those of you who have not read the story, it appears that Senator Deeds attempted to get his 24 year old son a psychiatric hospital bed and was turned away because there was none available. Hours later he was stabbed by his son who then took his own life. Not only is there not enough beds available the process to actually get someone admitted into a hospital is very complex and confusing. Psych hospitals do not just let you walk up to them and easily take someone in for evaluation. new balance pas cher 2018 It is a lengthy process to get someone admitted that usually involves an ER where things usually escalate in the mentally ill person’s mind. I know and remember these feelings first hand. newbalance 2018 The process needs to be reformed period! Bringing it back home we have gone from over 1,000 beds available to fewer than 500 in just the last 10 years. Historically 40 years ago we had 3,500 beds available before “de-institutionalization” took place. I put de-institutionalization in quotes on purpose because it is a really not correct. We have actually increased our institutionalization of the mentally ill only now we do not put them in hospitals we put them in prison. acheter newbalance en ligne In the last 40 years we have grown a mentally ill inmate population to over 10,000 individuals who receive little to no counseling while locked up. This my friends is the very definition of insanity! The human cost and the literal cost of not acting as a society is staggering. Lets work together to fix this. solde newbalance map Please consider signing my pledge

Bioethics Committee on the BRAIN Initiative in DC

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December 19th, 2013

On December 18th, Paton Blough, the founder of Rehinge, and Dr. James Hayes, the chairman of the NAMI SC state board, visited the Bioethics Committee of Washington, DC. The Bioethics Committee was meeting to disscuss the necessity of the BRAIN Initiative.

The NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative is part of a new Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain. By accelerating the development and application of innovative technologies, researchers will be able to produce a revolutionary new dynamic picture of the brain that, for the first time, shows how individual cells and complex neural circuits interact in both time and space. Long desired by researchers seeking new ways to treat, cure, and even prevent brain disorders, this picture will fill major gaps in our current knowledge and provide unprecedented opportunities for exploring exactly how the brain enables the human body to record, process, utilize, store, and retrieve vast quantities of information, all at the speed of thought. – National Institutes of Health

At the Bioethics Committee meeting, Paton had his statement and question read to the committee:

DR. GUTMANN: Blough, from the founder of Rehinge. According — and here’s Paton’s question and it — it’s preceded by this. According to the National Institute on Corrections, the United States has had a drop in psychiatric hospital beds from 700,000 40 years ago to less than 70,000 beds today. chaussures newbalance pas cher During this time, we have grown a mentally ill prison population of 1.2 million. The largest acute care facility is the LA County Jail. As neuroscience continues to advance, it appears that it will continue to prove that medical brain issues can cause criminal behavior. soldes new balance chaussures In that context, what are the implications that are coming to our legal system? Jonathan? MR. newbalance 2018 pas cher MONTGOMERY: Well, you decide that for the states. I mean we have a similar pattern in the UK. We lost a lot of beds, I think for good reasons as well as for bad reasons, in that we were institutionalizing people who didn’t need to be institutionalized. What we didn’t do so well was to get the infrastructure for community-based care funded properly as we did it, but I think, you know, we see a big tension in our mental health legislation between therapeutic justifications for restrictions on people’s choices or maybe disregarding its best choices because you think they’re impaired by disease conditions, and public protection issues and I would imagine you would see the same over here. new balance 2018 You see a political oscillation between the two. We have institutionalized improved care in custodial institutions and put it into the responsibility of our health services and not set in the prison services, but in relation to the particular question on neuroscience, I mean I think it’s all about predictions of dangerousness, is where I would expect to see the activity, and as we discussed earlier, it’s a little bit like the responsibility question. I don’t think it’s a completely new question. newbalance pas cher I think it’s every time you get a new scientific opportunity, people think through how this — so I’ve seen presentations on MRI scans as predictions of whether people will be violent and the like, and I would expect it to be an issue there.

Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, Transcript, Meeting 15, Session 4 These comments were read by Dr Gutmann to the entire commission and panelist.

NAMI Director Reaches Out to People With Mental Illness

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So proud to have our local NAMI Greenville ed highlighted in the Greenville News. Ken Dority is an excellent director and I have enjoyed getting to know him during the last year. Chaussures New Balance Also excited that has been highlighted. newbalance 2018 pas cher People get your tickets soon November 5th will be here before you know it!

Excerpt From Article:

For Ken Dority, the statistics on mental illness are “staggering.” For example, soldes new balance chaussures Dority cites a statistic that one in four adult Americans will experience mental illness in a given year. “The numbers are huge,” says Dority, New Balance Baskets executive director of National Alliance on Mental Illness Greenville. Chaussures Homme New Balance They indicate that about 100,000 people in Greenville County are affected by such conditions as anxiety, solde newbalance map bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But Dority, Chaussures NEW BALANCE who came to NAMI in February after careers in manufacturing and financial services,

One Year After Newtown

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December 11, 2013

Supporting Articles: The Newtown Bee – Sandy Hook Families Joining Vice President Announcing $100 Million In Mental Health Funding Rasmussen Reports – 54% Think More Focus on Mental Health Issues Will Prevent Future Newtown Incidents One year ago in Newtown, Conn., our nation experience what I consider to be perhaps the saddest tragedy in our 237-year history. soldes newbalance All of us parents remember hugging our children extra tightly that day, and having a tough time understanding how anyone could take the life of a defenseless child. soldes newbalance In the aftermath of this horrific event, I continue to pray for all those affected by the tragedy. But while I wish it had never happened, I still am thankful for the good that has come from this. When I speak of good following the shooting, I speak of the subsequent nation-wide focus on mental health. Keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals is certainly part of the solution to prevent mass shootings. NEW BALANCE en France But the root of the problem lies in our ability to adequately treat mental health issues in this country. new balance femme pas cher One of the reasons people suffering from mental health issues do not get the treatment they deserve is because of the staggering amount of stigma that still exists around the issue. soldes newbalance My belief is that the more open we are about our issues and the more we talk about – and collectively face – our problems, the more that stigma will fade. newbalance pas cher It may be uncomfortable to imagine that Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, was experiencing an episode of psychosis when he committed these crimes, but from my perspective, that could likely be the case. At first, I might have said that Newtown added to the existing mental health stigma in a way, because, let’s face it – who would want to identify with a mass killer? I’m happy to say, though, that I saw a change in the media climate over the past six months, and it seems like most of the articles I read stressed that openness about mental health issues and early prevention are keys to reducing or eliminating the number of mass shootings in this country. There is no shame in dealing with a mental illness. And while serious, it is common for persons to have thoughts that are either homicidal or suicidal. The shame comes when a person is dealing with these sorts of issues, and the only response they receive in return is one based in fear. We need to respond in love and understanding every time and explain to the person in crisis that their struggle is a medical one, no different than a broken leg or even cancer. We should all be willing and open to receiving psychiatric help with our heads held high. I am proud of the way many of the family members of those injured, killed or affected by the Newtown tragedy have kept the focus on mental health, and I want them to know that their effort is helping to make a difference in saving lives. chaussures newbalance pas cher A new Rasmussen poll has shown that 54 percent of Americans now believe that a focus on mental health issues will help prevent another Newtown tragedy, which is up from 48 percent of respondents in a poll conducted just one year ago. While a six percent increase may not seem like a lot, consider where we’ll be if we can move the needle 6 points per year in the next seven years. Today, let’s all take the time to pray and grieve with the families on the one-year anniversary of Newtown.


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  • “It has been one of my greatest rewards as NAMI Greenville, SC Program Director to see your recovery from when we first met to your award as NAMI South Carolina’s Recovery Person of the Year to your appearance on the same stage with author Pete Early. I hope your book is every bit as successful as his has been.”

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  • “It has been one of my greatest rewards as NAMI Greenville, SC Program Director to see your recovery from when we first met to your award as NAMI South Carolina’s Recovery Person of the Year to your appearance on the same stage with author Pete Early. I hope your book is every bit as successful as his has been.”

    Brian Lewis
    • Fletcher Mann
    • Program Director NAMI Greenville, SC
  • “It’s incredible. If you aren’t sure, always go for Cast. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of Cast. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours!”

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